We present the lyricvideo to our third single "Ember in the Winter grove". Thanks to Ingo Spörl and Hard Media
New album "Theatrical Masterpiece" out on 8th February here shop.thornbridge.de
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And here is the second single from upcoming album "Theatrical Masterpiece"
"Set The Sails" is now available for download/stream!
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Unfortunately, our drummer Lucky can't come with us on the EU tour. Fabian Marmor, drummer of our friends of Conspiria, will take his place for the tour. Welcome!
Foto by Emeraldpics
We are very proud and grateful to announce that we can support Rhapsody Of Fire on their European Tour together with Avalanch.
Just one more month... Release: 08.02.2019
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09.02.2019 Colos-Saal Aschaffenburg Titans Of Metal Vol.6
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A psychologically conspicuous hangman, driven by the desire to create a theatrical masterpiece. A stage play where the convicts are the actors - until death. Truth or fiction?
Here's his story
A big Thank You goes to Andy B Franck - Brainstorm and Roberto De Micheli - Rhapsody Of Fire for their awesome support on our new album
Theatrical Masterpiece
out on 8.2.19
Thornbridge's new album "Theatrical Masterpiece" will be released on February 8th via MASSACRE RECORDS! It includes the following songs:
1. Take To The Oars
2. Theatrical Masterpiece
3. Keeper Of The Royal Treasure
4. Revelation
5. Demon In Your Heart
6. Journey To The Other Side
7. Ember In The Winter Grove
8. Trace Of Destruction
9. The Helmsman
10. Set The Sails
11. The Dragon's Sleeping
It was mixed and mastered by Sebastian Seeb Levermann at GREENMAN STUDIOS - Sebastian "Seeb" Levermann. The cover's been created by Juanjo Castellano Rosado
The album will be available as CD, ltd. vinyl LP, stream & download.


On Tour with Evertale
Live Music Hall Weiher
with Evertale and Opener
On Tour with Evertale
with Evertale


Theatrical Masterpiece
official music video
Taken from album "Theatrical Masterpiece" - 2019
Produced, mixed and mastered by Sebastian 'Seeb' Levermann
GREENMAN STUDIOS, Arnsberg, www.greenman-studios.de
Camera: Andreas Wanner
Location: Beerenweine Drachenmühle, www.beerenweine.eu
Actors: Cynthia Burghard, Lena Deutscher, Justin Deutscher, Marcel Ziemer
Ember In the Winter Grove
official lyrics video
Taken from album "Theatrical Masterpiece" - 2019
Produced, mixed and mastered by Sebastian 'Seeb' Levermann
GREENMAN STUDIOS, Arnsberg, www.greenman-studios.de
Video created by: Ingo Spörl, Hard Media, www.hard-media.com
The Dragon's Reborn
official music video
Taken from album "What Will Prevail" - 2016
Produced, mixed and mastered by Sebastian 'Seeb' Levermann
GREENMAN STUDIOS, Arnsberg, www.greenman-studios.de
Camera: Andreas Wanner
Theatrical Masterpiece
What Will Prevail



With fast-paced epic songs THORNBRIDGE pass through the magical world of the dark middle age.

Hymn-like choirs and polyphonic guitar melodies get stuck in the ear and bring the PowerMetal of the "good, old time" back on stage.

THORNBRIDGE is founded by Mo & Pat in 2008. Both musicians already know each other from previous projects. Singer and guitarist Mo invents the name of a band whose music and theme quite could appeal to pen & paper freaks. The first own songs are created, the first little gigs are played. Burghi and Lucky bump into the band, after various line up changes. This moment can be described as the actual birth of THORNBRIDGE.

In the years 2014 and 2015, the first album "What Will Prevail" is recorded, produced by Sebastian "Seeb" Levermann in the Greenman Studios and refined by the guest contribution of Phillip Schunke (VAN CANTO). Immediately THORNBRIDGE get a record contract with Massacre Records, the album will be released on February 19, 2016.

More and more concerts are played, amongst other things with SALTATIO MORTIS, SINBREED, ORDEN OGAN and MOB RULES. Since 2017, the band is working together with NauntownMusic, the second album "Theatrical Masterpiece" will be recorded in 2018, again with Seeb Levermann. This time, Andy B. Frankh (vocals, BRAINSTORM) and Roberto de Micheli (guitar, RHAPSODY OF FIRE) could be gain as guest musicians. The album will be released on February 8, 2019 via Massacre Records.


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